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January 1, 2017--Happy New Year!



Sri Bhagavan's message for 2017:

Welcome to the World Oneness Family!
It is a great joy interacting with you all.

The changes that you are witnessing now in the world would rapidly start accelerating in the coming years.  This change would lead to the death of the old and the birth of the new in all spheres of life.  This may lead to a state of confusion and a sense of insecurity.

The fundamental solution is the sense of Oneness, which is discovering love and being connected to the other.  These interactions would help you to discover this love and connection.  Those who discover this love would be able to move into a state of living from mere existence.  These interactions are a prelude to the 2018 leap in Oneness.

Bless you all!  Love you all!

You can hear his above message in his own words, plus AmmaBhagavan's meditation in this recording of the New Year live event at this link, but you must be logged in to Facebook to see it: 




Dec. 31/Jan. 1--Live Meditation With AmmaBhagavan

There will be a very special and transformational ONLINE, LIVE meditation with Sri Amma Bhagavan to begin the New Year at the times and dates below.  Everyone is invited!

To attend go to:  www.facebook.com/sribhagavan.  Unfortunately, this Facebook page is the only place where you can hear Sri Bhagavan's New Year message and attend the live meditation, but later there will be a recording of it on the page.

Use this time zone converter to find the date/time for other locations.

Los Angeles-- Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 8:30 PM
New York-- Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 11:30 PM
London-- Sunday, January 1, 2017 at 4:30 AM
Chennai-- Sunday, January 1, 2017 at 10:00 AM
Sydney-- Sunday, January 1, 2017 at 3:30 PM




December 25, 2016--Christmas Message from OU

Letting go of hurt is forgiveness.
Letting go of resistance is acceptance.
Letting go of possession is love.

This Christmas let's learn to let go and
make it brighter than the one gone by;
enveloped in goodness and well-being;
bliss and endowments.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and lots of love, lots of success, joy and happiness.



December Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"Life is what you make of it; a battlefield or a playground.

"A seeming loss today might open a gigantic gateway tomorrow."

"Do not waste your life seeking perfection because all is perfect."

"To let go of hurt is forgiveness."

"The past is dead. Future is unborn.
What is there is only the present moment."

"The best way to relate to your child is to sometimes
become a child yourself."



November 20-28--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"How you experience the world depends on you."

"Life is relationship."

"Life without a vision is like a journey without a destination."

"Be sure there is a problem in the first place
before working hard to solve it."

"Everybody is unique.  Do not try to mould all dispositions alike."

"When you see everything as Divine and sacred, learning takes place."

"Read yourself, not books."



November 13-19--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Contemplation is an integral part of one's life
which we tend to forget under the pretext of work and responsibilities."

"There is no person, only personalities."

"All activity is spiritual when there is no conflict."

"To serve oneself is pleasure, to serve others is joy."

"The root cause of all problems in relationships
lies in our inability to forgive the other."

"Even the most ordinary thing you do is also a part
of the larger Divine plan."

"To see the interconnectedness of all things is the birth of gratitude."



November 14, 2016--World Gratitude Day

A message from the Oneness University on this Day of Gratitude--

Gratitude is the hallmark of greatness.
Where there is gratitude there is growth.
On this Gratitude Day,
let us express gratitude to all those who have helped us in our life.
There is no such thing as an insignificant person or an insignificant task.
Show gratitude in your own way and see the magic...
On this day, think about people you should have thanked
but missed your chance or the people you really didn't thank enough.
And, of course, don't forget to thank your Divine.


Happy Gratitude Day



November 6-12, 2016--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"God has an ocean to give.  Do not come with teaspoons."

"Love is the highest degree of concern."

"Your children inherit not only what you earn but also what you are."

"Thought is repetitive."

"You are the fuel for the other person's response."

"Anything will work if your heart is in tune with the truth."

"The world reflects your perception."



Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2016--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Friendship is the best form of relationship."

"Start from where you are, not from where you want to be."

"Do not let the situation determine your state,
let your state determine the situation."

"Awakening is not a destination; it is a never-ending journey."

"Man is ignorant of the pain he causes others."

"Judgement and evaluatory process cause suffering in relationships."

"Life is a game; injuries are inevitable.
Get up and play again."



October 30, 2016, Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

May millions of diyas
illuminate your life with
causeless joy, love, health and wealth.



October 23-29--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"Rituals help to uphold values that bring fulfillment."

"Fear is only in anticipation."

"In relationships, listen to your heart."

"While belief is binding, experience is liberating."

"All learning is unlearning."

"It is an age old problem of the mind to feel useless."

"Prayer can change anything and everything."



October 16-22, 2016--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Every obstacle is an opportunity."

"Life is a quest to know oneself."

"To see is to be free."

"As judgement goes down, love goes up."

"We are the architects of our destiny."

"All things are connected.
Everything you do affects everything else."

"Great truths are simple."



October 9-15, 2016--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Perfection is not a concept,
but it is in seeing all things as perfect.

"Miracles are not violation of natural laws,
but they follow higher laws."

"Human beings have got habituated to move away from experience,
hence boredom."

"Ritual organizes life, and enables one to live with least conflict."

"Freedom from the mind is awakening."

"A single experience is sufficient to unravel God and
the truths of the Universe."

"Emotions when experienced give you joy."



October 1-9, 2016, Happy Navratri

Happy Navratri from AmmaBhagavan


Navratri, the Festival of Nine Nights, is one of India's most significant festivals. It is the auspicious time of Shakti, the Divine energy of the female principle, and honors all the various forms of the Divine Mother. During the celebrations, be sure to ask Sri Amma to shower you with her Divine Grace, blessings, healings, and miracles.



October 2-8, 2016--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"The quality of human mind is fear,
fear of losing what is there."

"Man needs problems to survive."

"Transformation is a happening."

"Thought has the power to create."

"Relationship is a mirror in which you can understand the unconscious."

"You find what you perceive."

"Life is perfect when you experience reality as it is."



Sept. 25-Oct. 1--Daily Teachings from Sri Bhagavan

"Prayer is man's effort to move towards God."

"Conflict is the measurement to know whether
the act is from awareness or unawareness."

"In relationships when images relate, there is no life in it."

"We are not a separate entity; we are a part of the whole."

"Stillness of energy is meditation."

"You are a program."

"All resistance to truth is because of failure of intelligence."




The Phenomenon and The Gift event

 NEXT Phenomenon and The Gift courses in USA

The Oneness University is now bringing India to us, and we no longer need to travel half way around the world to experience the incredible specialness of its teachings and energies from the Oneness Temple.

There are no prerequisites to attend The Phenomenon and The Gift, and the 2-day course is open to everyone. Among many other gifts, through ancient processes and meditation practices, your level of consciousness will be raised, AND, you will be initiated as a Golden Orb Blessing Giver.

On November 12-13, 2016, P&G courses will be taught simultaneously in 14 cities in the Western United States:

CA--Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Culver City, Irvine, Del Mar
Nevada--Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe
Utah--Salt Lake City
Idaho--Boise, Sun Valley
Wyoming--Jackson Hole

For more details and registration links for the above Phenomenon & Gift courses in the USA go here.

P&G courses are also scheduled in the month of October for Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  For schedule and dates of these courses see the Oneness University's online courses.



September 18-24--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Love has to be expressed not just experienced."

"A healthy relationship means a happy family."

"There is no objective reality; there is only subjective reality."

"Your mind is not your mind."

"Integrity is not about confessing to another
but being truthful to oneself."

"Thinking is only carry over."

"Awareness is the enemy of habit."



September 11-17, 2016--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"Our pains and pleasures are interminably interlinked."

"Life is not a puzzle to be solved.
It is a mystery to be experienced."

"You become what you think."

"God is what you want Him or Her to be."

"True happiness lies in loving oneself and another."

"You are divided within yourself."

"Sacrifice is the essence of creation."



September 14, 2016--Shambala

Beautiful views of the Oneness University campuses,
and the benefits of visiting Shambala.



September 4-10, 2016--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Learning is the ability to laugh at oneself."

"To postpone is to be denied of freedom forever."

"Acceptance leads to dissolution of conflict."

"When you are focused, all things fall into place."

"Suffering is the movement
from the 'what is' to the 'what should be.'"

"Ego leads to failure of intelligence."

"Every child should be made to feel unique, so never compare."



Aug. 28-Sept. 3--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"Man's need is to feel needed."

"Knowledge is freedom."

"Prayer is simply calling God for help."

"Everything is a happening."

"Suffering is not caused by others but by yourself."

"The first step towards discovering love is to love oneself."

"To be aware is to be free."



September/October, 2016


The Phenomenon and The Gift course

The next Phenomenon and Gift (P & G) course dates taught in North America are September 17-18 in Vancouver, BC; Portland, Oregon and Kauai, Hawaii.

This two-day course is livestreamed from the Temple of the Supreme Light and taught by the Guides at the Oneness University. It is open to everyone who wishes to attend, and has no prerequisites. The sacred Phenomenon and the Gift course is based in the ancient sciences of higher consciousness.

The purpose of the course is to bring you into a higher state of consciousness, which can result in more abundance, joy, love, and miracles in all areas of your life.

P & G courses are also scheduled during the months of September and October in Korea, Australia, South America, Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

For information on course dates and cities in these countries go here.



August 21-27, 2016--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Health is not just treating the physical body
but healing the mind and nourishing consciousness."

"Action born out of unawareness is reaction."

"Awakening is an inner journey."

"You suffer because you do not experience reality."

"Success comes with experience."

"The universe is nothing but an experience."

"Awareness is the enemy of habit."



August 20, 2016--Discover Yourself...

There is hope!
It's time to experience freedom...



August 14-20, 2016--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"Those who give shall receive."

"Whatever the mind creates, it itself destroys."

"Spirituality is to live life in its totality."

"To see that you are not able to be attentive,
is the beginning of attention. "

"When there is listening, learning takes place."

"Without the opposite, there cannot be creation."

"Love is the movement from the 'me' to the 'other.'"



August 14/15, 2016--Amma's Day of Love Live Webcast

A message from the Oneness University about the Day of Love--

Love is the essence of Creation.
Love is the essence of Relationships.
Love is your True Nature.

Let's bring this Love into our lives,
in our relationships,
by participating in a rare event.

Oneness celebrates Sri Amma's Janmadina (birthday) as DAY OF LOVE.

On this special day,
meditate in the presence of Sri Amma Bhagavan
and receive this precious Gift of Love.

You can view AmmaBhagavan's online webcast here at the following times (for other areas, see this time zone converter):

Los Angeles-- Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 9:30 PM
New York-- Monday, August 15, 2016 at 12:30 AM
London-- Monday, August 15, 2016 at 5:30 AM
Chennai-- Monday, August 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Sydney-- Monday, August 15, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Anyone can attend and receive their Blessings. (If you can't attend the live darshan, a replay will be posted at this link should it become available.)





August 13, 2016--The Best Decision...

Life is a set of possibilities,
dependent on the decisions you make.
Every decision, move, and step you take--matters.



August 7-13, 2016--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Resistance is failure of intelligence."

"Any effort to end the mind is the mind."

"One experience is equal to thousand explanations."

"Life contains the seed of death,
so does death contain the seed of life."

"Acceptance of life leads to happiness."

"The threats that you perceive outside are merely
a reflection of the obstacles you have set inside."

"Our prayers must mean something to us
if they are to mean anything to God."



July, 2016--UPDATES from the Oneness Guides

Today online there are many social media groups, websites and blogs using the name Sri Amma Bhagavan and Oneness University. To avoid any confusion, the Oneness Guides have provided us with the following links for official Oneness University sites:

Oneness Website: www.onenessuniversity.org

Miracle Website: www.onenessmiracles.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialonenessuniversity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/onenessu

Viber: www.viber.com/onenessuniversity

YouTube: www.youtube.com/worldonenesstv

Instagram: www.instagram.com/onenessuniversity

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/mukthiavatar

OU Newsletter: http://onenessuniversity.org/oneness-newsletter-archives

WhatsApp: 0091 9000037297

Helpline: 0091 9866511566



July 31-Aug. 6--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"The best relationship is the one in which your love
for each other exceeds your need for each other."

"A child is an explorer."

"Past is flowing into the present
and manifests itself as the future."

"Suffering is born because of craving, not because of desire."

"Thought has the habit of projecting the opposite."

"The absence of love is the root cause of all problems."

"Happiness is the index of growth."



July 24-30, 2016--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"While belief is binding, experience is liberating."

"Man is ignorant of the pain he causes others."

"Genuine affection is to be affected."

"Life is not to be understood, it has to be lived."

"Prayer can change anything and everything."

"The only place where you can hold God is in your heart."

"Man's victory lies in his surrender to God."



July 17-23, 2016--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Never assume."

"The mind sees everything as imperfect.
It is dissatisfied with everything."

"Learning is the ability to laugh at oneself."

"Stress is basically in the mind."

"Even the most ordinary thing you do is also
a part of the larger Divine plan. "

"Learn to distinguish between detachment and indifference."

"You create your own reality,
no one else is to be blamed for it."



July 19--Birth of the Phenomenon Anniversary

Oneness Phenomenon anniversary date

On this date in 1989 the Golden Ball descended at Amma Bhagavan's spiritual school at Satyaloka (now Mukteeswaram), and the Oneness Phenomenon was born. It is a date to be celebrated.

You can read more about the history of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan and the Oneness Phenomenon here.



July 10-16, 2016--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"Perfection is not a concept.
It is in seeing all things as perfect."

"Knowing your ignorance is real wisdom."

"If you do things with love,
you are bound to succeed no matter what your problems are."

"There are no individuals.
What happens to one, affects the many."

"Anything done with total attention is a spiritual act."

"All things are.
It is only ideas and ideals that make them imperfect."

"Every experience is made old and insipid by the mind."



July 3-9, 2016--Daily Teachings from Sri Bhagavan

"Anything will work, if your heart is in tune with the truth."

"If you do not confront yourself, you will not grow."

"If you know your priorities, there is no conflict."

"Truth awakens your intelligence."

"When energy is still, there is bliss."

"To see is to be free."

"The cause of psychological suffering is lack of love.



June 26-July 2--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"The moment you experience life as it is,
all you have is only joy."

"Gratitude is the hallmark of greatness."

"As is your perception, so is your reality."

"A shift in consciousness brings about global transformation."

"The greatest folly of man is trying to understand himself
and the world around."

"Experiencing does not lead to freedom, experiencing is freedom."

"Transformation is a benediction. It does not involve time."



June 19-25, 2016--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"Fear is only in the imagination."

"Once the heart flowers, there is love."

"When prayer is accurate, results would be instantaneous."

"As you awaken to yourself, you would awake to the
joys of relationships."

"You crave because there is an inner void."

"Love that emerges out of awareness manifests as action,
understanding, forgiveness and kindness."

"Your life depends on the kind of God you have created."



June 12-18, 2016--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"God should not be a matter of belief but a reality to you."

"In stillness of thought you discover Oneness."

"Everything is Sacred."

"Listening to the other begins with listening to Oneself."

"Your existence is relative to the existence of the other."

"True response can arise only when you
experience life as it is."

"Your relationships are an interplay of personalities."



June 12, 2016--UPDATE to Moola Mantra

Spiritual energies can evolve very rapidly, and the Oneness University has given us this corrected version of the latest, enhanced Moola Mantra. It is suggested that you begin working with this new, more powerful version. The words mean:

Salutations to the 'All that Is'
Salutations to The Supreme Light
Salutations to The Supreme Love
Salutations to The Supreme Compassion
Salutations to The Supremely Sacred

latest version of enhanced Moola Mantra of the Supreme Light


If you want to listen to the words of the above enhanced Moola Mantra, you can hear Oneness Guide Anand Ji chant it at this link. Also, there are 21 repetitions of it in this video--



June 5-11, 2016--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"You break relationships when your needs are not fulfilled."

"Your very identity comes from your relationships."

"Relationships are the index of our life."

"Setting right relationships is a major step in the path
of Awakening."

"What you see outside is only a reflection of your relationship
with yourself."

"Genuine love can overcome quarrels, depression and even stress."

"One of the greatest gifts you can give anyone is the gift
of attention and love."



June 8/9, 2016--Day of Relationships Live Webcast

June 9 is Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan's Wedding Anniversary. Happy anniversary to them both!

June 9 has also been proclaimed the Day of Relationships. In honor of this day everyone is invited to join in a live, FREE, online webcast to help promote harmonious relationships. Anyone can attend and join in the prayers, rituals and powerful Blessings of this day.

This webcast can be seen here online at the following dates/times (see this time zone converter for different locations):

Los Angeles-- Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 9:30 PM
New York-- Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 12:30 AM
London-- Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 5:30 AM
Chennai-- Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Sydney-- Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 2:30 PM

A replay is posted here in case you couldn't attend the live event.



May 29-June 4--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"There are no prerequisites to experience Grace
other than a personal relationship with the Divine."

"Devotion is the shortest way to awakening."

"Conversing with God is Prayer."

"The wall of separation is an illusion."

"While Oneness resolves problems, sameness creates problems."

"You could live a life of love or hatred."

"Spousal relationship serves as a tremendous tool
for self realization."



May 22-28, 2016--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"Where there is craving for significance,
there is no relationship."

"All suffering is only a story."

"Attachment is always centered on the 'me.'"

"Free will and Divine will alternatively
create the fabric of life."

"Another cause for suffering is labeling.
It moves you from the present."

"Where there is forgiveness, miracles happen naturally."

"Spirituality is embracing life."



May 15-21, 2016--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"When you are Awakened, your perception changes."

"You suffer because of alienation from God."

"You get stuck in life when you cease to learn."

"The other is not outside you but living within you."

"Emotions that are nurtured over a period of time
manifest as situations."

"All resistance arises from fear."

"When you truly pray you are not distracted."



May 20, 2016--World Oneness Day

In 2007 Sri Amma Bhagavan declared May 20 as World Oneness Day, and this year's World Oneness Day program has the following two intentions:

1. To develop the oneness perception within oneself.
2. To bring about a shift in human consciousness.

To help with this individual and planetary shift, AmmaBhagavan and the Guides at the Oneness University are asking the Oneness Family around the globe to gather in groups or individually to "...share the Grace through a 21 minute meditation to bring about a shift in human consciousness."



May 8-14, 2016--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"Accept that which cannot be bettered
and better that which can be."

"Spirituality is not about giving up things,
it is about not being attached to things."

"Transformation is a benediction. It does not involve time."

"The love that we know arises from a craving to be loved."

"Anything when not experienced leads to continued suffering."

"As long as thought is controlling you,
there would be opposites as perfect and imperfect,
good and bad, right and wrong."



May 8--Happy Mother's Day from OU

The Oneness University sends this Mother's Day video message to all mothers on your special day. Have a wonderful day!




May 1-7, 2016--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Where there is a division of 'I' and 'you,' all problem starts."

"God is unknowable."

"Problems keep you engaged in the game of becoming."

"A truly courageous person is a truly non-violent person."

"Awareness is freedom."

"Genuine affection is to be affected."

"Oneness is not a one stop destination,
but a never-ending unfoldment."



May, 2016--Moola Mantra Sadhana for the month of May

The month of May is Moola Mantra month, and this year the Guides at the Oneness University have prepared an important sadhana for us to participate in during May. It runs from May 1 through May 31.

Chant this new Moola Mantra 108 times 3 times a day, and pray for:
1. the fulfillment of all your desires
2. the welfare of the Oneness Family in your country
3. your country's growth in consciousness

By chanting the Moola Mantra you are invoking the Living God, and asking for protection and freedom from all suffering and sorrow. Chanting it or just listening to it can help you achieve all your desires, create a sense of deep peace, and even transport a person into the state of causeless love and limitless joy.

Mantra meaning--
Salutations to the ALL THAT IS
Salutations to the SUPREME LIGHT
Salutations to the GOLDEN ORB


Om Sri Sarveswaraaya Namaha (Om Sri Sar vesh va ra ya Namaha)
Om Sri Paramjyothiye Namaha (Om Sri Pa ram Jo thi ye Namaha)
Om Sri Jyothi Roopaya Namaha (Om Sri Jo thi Roo pa ya Namaha)

Use this video to help you learn it, then come back here daily and use it to easily help you count the 108 repetitions of the mantra as you chant it.

Moola Mantra 108 times:

(NOTE: See the LATEST Moola Mantra at the above June 12 post.)



April 24-30, 2016--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Letting go of resistance is acceptance."

"Prayer doesn’t work without emotion,
for which one must have a bond with the Divine."

"Silence is not the opposite of noise.
It is the absence of conflict."

"Relationships are stifling due to frameworks imposed on them,
but not so with friendship."

"When you are not Awakened, do not behave like one."

"A spiritual seeker is one who seeks out of one’s
spiritual discontent or experience,
not due to an ideal.

"God responds according to your beliefs."



April 17-23, 2016--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"You are unique."

"Your experience of life is what you experience
in your relationships."

"You are not a separate individual,
but one of the strands in the humanity's web."

"The events and relationships that you come across
reflect your inner condition."

"When you discover the other is not responsible for what
they are, you discover love and peace."

"If you are passionate,
God conspires to give you what you seek."

"Focus on the solution not on the problem."



April 22--Oneness Temple opening anniversary

Oneness Temple of the Supreme Light anniversary

It's been eight years since the Oneness Temple (the Temple of the Supreme Light) was consecrated by AmmaBhagavan, and its energies have grown exponentially. It now houses the Golden Orb, and emits its Divine energies very powerfully for the spiritual growth and Awakening of all of humanity. You can read more about this incredible temple here.



April 10-16, 2016--Daily Teachings from Sri Bhagavan

"Having an idea is not the problem,
identification with the idea is the problem."

"Self-realization leads to God-realization."

"Choice is an illusion.
To realize that there is no choice is Awakening."

"Life is a Journey."

"Life is to be experienced, be it pleasure or pain."

"In relationship, when images take the forefront,
the person recedes to the backdrop."

"Love that is a habit, peace that is a matter of policy,
and forgiveness that is cultivated are not real."



April 3-9, 2016--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"The only solution to human problems is to end
the limited sense of self."

"When you are authentic to yourself, you become a great being,
comfortable and successful in this world."

"The structure of thought is to compare."

"You are a stranger unto yourself."

"The past influences the experience of the present."

"There is nothing as the Ultimate Truth."

"When you judge a person, you are not defining the other,
but yourself."



April 3, 2016--NEW Moola Mantra

A new Moola Mantra has been released by the Oneness University. It is beautiful and quite powerful as you can see in this video...


 (NOTE: See the very LATEST Moola Mantra above at June 12 post.)



March 27-April 2--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"Your reactions reflect your emotional state and conditioning."

"True freedom is within you."

"Thinking creates an illusion of a thinker."

"Nothing can stop you, when you get in touch with yourself."

"For an Awakened One all action is perfect."

"You are a prisoner of your conditioning."

"Ego leads to failure of intelligence."



March 20-25, 2016--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"If you have to discover love, you must stop judging others,
especially your parents and spouse."

"To be truly creative, one must stop thinking."

"Man has to give way to the Divine."

"Daydreaming is the dialogue."

"Where there is judgment, there is no experience."

"You cannot understand anybody
because there is 'nobody' to be understood."



March 13-19--Daily Teachings from AmmaBhagavan

"True listening is to listen without any interpretation
or framework."

"In love, the other's happiness becomes your priority."

"The root cause of psychological suffering is fear."

"Fate is predetermined but it can also be changed."

"The world looks at you the way you look at it."

"We are beings who are in conflict
with ourselves and with others.
It is this conflict that is manifesting in the external world."

"In total acceptance lies wisdom."



March 6-12, 2016--Sri AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"The irony of humanity today is,
much time is spent in understanding rather than experiencing."

"The Divine is beyond thought."

"Relationships are not merely about getting along.
It is to relate without fear or guilt."

"The whole process of spiritual growth is confronting oneself."

"Virtue is natural when you are awakened."

"Woman is the spiritual hub of the family."

"Oneness is an experience of non-divisive perception of reality."



Feb. 28-Mar. 5--Daily Teachings by Amma Bhagavan

"Every pursuit of yours is an escape from the core fear."

"The past and future do not exist,
what exists is only the now and here."

"If you love and accept yourself you would do the same to others."

"To meditate is to be in touch with the 'what is.'"

"Unresolved hurts would only further problems in your relationship."

"Parenting is an art."

"When you are integral things happens faster."



March 6/7--Bhagavan's Birthday Webcast

Bhagavan's birthday is March 7 (March 6 in the USA), and on that occasion there will be a livestreamed, special webcast consisting of a collective prayer with the intent that all of mankind move from the state of division to a state of Oneness. There is no cost, and everyone is invited to join in this 11 minute, worldwide collective prayer.

Participant guidelines--
1. Sit in a sacred posture.
2. Place your hands in prayer posture.
3. Look at the Golden Orb and hold the above intent.
4. Join in the 11 minute prayer--chant the Kalki Mantra (below).
5. Prayer will end when you hear a bell ring; express gratitude.

  Kalki Mantra:
Om Sri Kalki Sarveshwaraya Namaha
Om Sri Kalki Eshwaraya Namaha
Om Sri Kalki Avataraya Namaha

The webcast will be livestreamed online here at the following times/dates (use this time zone converter for more locations):

Los Angeles-- Sunday, March 6, at 8:30 PM
New York-- Sunday, March 6, at 11:30 PM
London-- Monday, March 7, at 4:30 AM
Chennai-- Monday, March 7, at 10:00 AM
Sydney-- Monday, March 7, at 3:30 PM

A replay can be seen here if you did not attend in real time.



February 21-27--Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"A person with high consciousness level
has high gratitude levels too."

"Every sadhana affects your unconscious."

"You carry the ghost of the one you hate."

"Service is not a concept, but a response."

"Truth makes you humble."

"Bond is necessary for God to respond to you."

"Forgiveness happens when you know the other is not responsible."



February 20, 2016--Shambala Experience

The World Oneness Centre (also called Shambala or the Kalki Ashram), which opened last month, already has participants reporting wonderful experiences:




February 14-20--Daily Teachings from Amma Bhagavan

"Possession stifles love."

"You will not be able to pray when you are desperate."

"Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin."

"In relationships,
friendship arises only when there is unconditional love."

"Acceptance is the bedrock of spirituality."

"Where there is division, there is suffering."

"In relationship, any effort to understand the other is futile."



February 7-13, 2016--Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"When the mind is silent, you listen from the heart."

"Awakening is a benediction."

"When you love someone, you are actually seeking to love yourself."

"Greater your love towards God,
greater would be the Grace you would witness in your life."

"Fear does not lie in any situation.
It is within, which keeps surfacing in various guises."

"God is personal."

"The basic function of ego is hurt."



Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2016--Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Expecting or seeking love from the other has become
more important than sharing or giving love."

"Self plays ego games to make you feel separate from the other."

"The greater part of life can never be understood,
but only experienced."

"The mind sees everything as imperfect.
It is dissatisfied with everything."

"Genuine love can overcome quarrels, depression and even stress."

"Awakening is to realize that there is nobody to be awakened."

"Oneness is not a state to be achieved or practiced
but a benediction to be received."



January 24-30, 2016--Daily Teachings by AmmaBhagavan

"In helplessness, the mind is silent and opens itself to grace."

"Transform yourself from being concerned to being connected."

"God is the immanent inner controller of all that is."

"In relationships, the problem is not with the other,
but with oneself."

"Growth happens only through contribution.
You need to give in order to receive."

"Love is the essence of creation."

"Every moment is extraordinary
when you experience reality as it is."



January 17-23, 2016--Daily Teachings from Sri Bhagavan

"Spirituality is the key to every other development."

"If you have a good communion with God,
everything happens instantaneously."

"God intervenes when you become helpless."

"Self is an illusion."

"Spiritual journey begins with an awareness of where you are,
not with an obsession of where you should be."

"Absence of conflict leads to stillness of energy
which awakens intelligence."

"Love is a matter of the heart, not an ideal, not a concept
but an emergence."



Jan. 10-16 2016--Sri Amma Bhagavan's Daily Teachings

"Any effort to silence the mind would only create more noise."

"The greatest art a human being can learn
is the art of seeing what is going on inside."

"A prayer done in your heart invokes a response
from any part of the globe and you would witness miracles."

"When we accept ourselves, love ourselves,
the other ceases to be a problem."

"As you grow closer to God,
suffering caused by material world miraculously dissolves."

"You postpone dealing with the 'what is' by naming it."



January 3-9 2016--Daily Teachings by Sri Bhagavan

"The one who has transcended the dualities of life
sees everything as a manifestation of Grace."

"Success or failure depends on how it is viewed."

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a process to be lived."

"The two basic needs of a human being are to love and be loved."

"Flowering of the heart is a key milestone on the spiritual path."

"Awakening is to relate to reality, not your interpretation of reality."

"Simplicity is the way of intelligence."



Dec. 27-Jan. 2, 2016--AmmaBhagavan's Daily Teachings

"To listen to all that is happening inside you is listening."

"Rituals can lead you to an altered state of consciousness."

"The journey into the self ends in love."

"You find what you perceive."

"Action born out of awareness is perfect action."

"All problems emanate from the single basic
fundamental division of the 'you' and 'me.'"

"Teaching when internalized, becomes a personal experience."



January 1, 2016--Miracle Day

Sri Bhagavan always told us that Grace, when witnessed, heard, thought, read or spoken about, automatically increases the Grace and miracles that can come into your life. Being a witness to and for Grace is one of the best things you can do for yourself and mankind. To help bring this practice and concept more into our reality, Bhagavan has proclaimed January 1 to be Miracle Day.

An easy way to begin is to read about miracles.  May much Grace and many miracles be yours as we begin 2016. Happy New Year!



You can also see prior Amma Bhagavan news in 2015,

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