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Amma Bhagavan Miracles

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A beautiful phenomenon of miracles is happening worldwide where Amma and Bhagavan actually physically speak to and counsel you, as well as give blessings from their srimurthi (photo).  It's reported that in some cases they speak through the phone or even walk out of the srimurthi to sit and visit with you, dine, solve problems and fulfill desires, then return back into the srimurthi!

Also, when taking deeksha from padukas, the padukas will sometimes vibrate and move onto your body and heal health issues.  Similarly, the kumkum, ghee, honey, etc., forming on some srimurthis is also reported to have healing properties for improving health and solving your problems and issues.

Many more of these life transforming miracles of Amma Bhagavan are reportedly happening to thousands in all parts of the world to both the Awakened and unawakened.  Many more will be happening to seekers just like you when you focus on and pray for Divine miracles and blessings to come into your lives.

In order to hasten the process, a Oneness Guide said to start sharing your experiences and miracles.  When you do, more miracles will happen to you.  He also suggested to see, read, and listen to many other experiences and miracles of Sri AmmaBhagavan from various sources.

Below are some experiences reported by attendees at our online deeksha events (slightly edited for clarity, brevity, spelling, English syntax, etc.).

--P. J.       



In one or Sri Bhagavan's Daily Teachings he said, "Grace, when witnessed, heard, read or recounted, has the tendency to penetrate the lives of those who come in contact with it."  A Oneness Guide later expanded on this concept saying that the more miracles and spiritual experiences you share and hear, the more Grace will come into your life.  He also suggested that we consciously make an effort to read, hear and see as many experiences and miracles as possible. AND he added...

"You should also share yours with others as much as possible in order to maximize Grace in your lives."

We are all familiar with the principle that you become what you focus on and think.  So, it's simple, apply Bhagavan's teaching and Grace will follow.  Even if your experiences seem strange, vague, or hard to explain, never hesitate to share them.  Your contribution of sharing is too much of a gift on so many levels, both to yourself and others, not to give it freely.

The Guide went on to say, "The more and more you share, the more and more miracles will start happening in your life.  Keep that in mind and start sharing.  Keep sharing and receive Grace.  A lot of your problems will be solved.  By sharing, miracles rain down."

That's sound advice.  So start sharing more of your personal spiritual experiences and see what gifts of Grace can come to you.  When you share your story, the person you're telling it to may feel more at ease about sharing their experiences with you.  And the flow of Grace goes on.


(You may let others read of your own Amma Bhagavan miracles
by sending them


Reported Experiences/Miracles of Amma Bhagavan


from L. in Norway--  There are so many miracles to share.  Just a couple of hours ago I felt a bit sad and lonely, and I asked for Bhagavan to come closer.  When I looked up at my shrine one of the padukas had moved forward.  It looked like they were walking towards me.  A small miracle perhaps, but it meant the world to me.  P. J., I have tried to form into words three other miracles that have happened this year, although it is not easy to describe events that have changed me to the core.

1.  I was quite tired and confused in my search for my Antaryamin for a while.  One day during an online OM, I was tearfully asking for help and clarity on the matter.  I always have a picture of AmmaBhagavan on the screen during these events, and suddenly the cursor started to move by itself toward that picture.  First, it stopped by Amma's feet.  After a while, I thanked her and it moved directly to Bhagavan's feet and stayed there for the whole duration of the OM.  It did not even move when I touched the mouse.  I am definitely no longer confused ;-)  Thank you AmmaBhagavan!

2.  I have had migraine headache attacks for 30 years.  For the last decade, it has been so frequent that it has held me almost totally bed-bound.  I have tried every treatment in the book to make it better, but nothing has worked.  One semi-functional day I lay down and did the Ancestor Process.  Low on energy but with a strong desire for being able to feel more alive in my life, I suddenly felt a glow in my head and it started to spread.  I just knew something had shifted.  This was in May [six months ago] and I have not had a migraine since.  Thank you for guiding me on my path PJ!  And thank you AmmaBhagavan! 

3.  I got a Sri Murthi of AmmaBhagavan from a friend this summer.  I was so elated, because I have wanted one for a long time.  About a week later, after yet another Ancestor Process, Bhagavan came out of the picture.  A bright light emanated from the Sri Murthi, and I heard him speaking next to me.  After that, I was unable to move.

Many things happened, but long story short, he moved me in front of my altar and worked on my neck and head with his hands.  During this, I asked him to position me better, and he did.  After a while, I asked him for a break and he gave me that too.  Everything was instantaneous.  Before the visit was over, he stroked my head and put a blanket over me.  It was such a loving and powerful experience.  I love him so much!  I do not know exactly what happened to me, but the constant pressure around my neck and throat is gone for sure.  Thank you Oneness family and AmmaBhagavan for all the miracles in my life!



from M. in USA--  My son asked to receive deekshas a month ago and has been evolving very quickly.  He has been speaking of being surrounded by angels, and things happening automatically in his life.



from N. in India--  I came to know about AMMA-BHAGAVAN in 2002.  After that I attended many of their programs. Before this I was always worried about everything and my health was in a bad condition with blood pressure, cholesterol, and so many problems.  I understood that AMMA-BHAGAVAN is the real form of GOD and they can do anything.

I prayed to them about my problems, and I got solved many things including health.  I have so many miracles to say, but I will say 3 out of these.

1.  When I was suffered with vertigo, I met so many doctors and I didn’t get cured fully.  Later I decided to pray to AMMA-BHAGAVAN to get solved my problem, from the next day it has been solved. 

2.  I am in a service industry.  I quoted 55000 [rupees] for some service and confirmed the cash from client.  Suddenly the price went up and I reached a condition where I would lose 20,000 from my hand for each of 4 cases.  All doors got shut and there was no way out in front of me.  Then I thought about AMMA-BHAGAVAN, they can do anything.  I sit 2 minutes and I prayed my case to them.  After half an hour one middler is calling me saying that, I can have stock for the old rate.  I am surprised by seeing the magic miracle of AMMA-BHAGAVAN. 

3.  When I was abroad, I brought my brother who was hoping for some job.  Unfortunately for a very long period he survived without a proper job.  I was praying to AMMA-BHAGAVAN for him to get a good job in his field.  Finally he got very good job, far beyond his and my expectation with very high salary, and by AMMA-BHAGAVAN SAKE it still going on.  Pray for me to continue long.



from P. in USA--  Yesterday I was mulling over a serious issue but couldn't make a decision.  Within an hour I got an email that was on an unrelated subject, but it very clearly gave me the answer I needed.  It seems you don't necessarily need Bhagavan to come into your house and sit on your couch to get your answers (although that would be fun), but it was very clear that's where the answer came from.



from S. in USA--  I dreamt Friday morning about my maternal grandmother (who passed about 14 years ago).  We were attending someone's funeral, and my grandmother is very upset.  I was holding her and we were walking to pay our respect to the person whom funeral is.  When we were close enough to see the person's face whom is laying in the coffin, I immediately recognize the face as my paternal grandmother who passed on 34 years ago.

My maternal grandmother was crying and clearly upset seeing the person lying in the coffin.  I knew in that moment that I have to do something.  So I did the first thing that always comes to mind, which is to start chanting the moola mantra.  I began saying Om Sat Chit Ananda, and then my alarm clock came on cause it is time for me to get up.

I was still thinking of the dream but continue with my routine.  On my way to work I was reading my email and, religious as always, there is an email from PJ on Friday morning.  And the email was about Ancestors sadhana ..... I remember Bhagawan saying in a video: only if we realized that coincidences are not coincidences but miracles from the Divine, then grace will flow into our lives......  I don't see this as a coincidence but an opportunity to do the ancestor sadhana for my paternal grandmother.



from R. in India--  While touching the padukas I saw Pavitra smiling felt as if she was able to hear me whatever I spoke to lord.  She chanted the moolmantra and I touched the padukas and asked for wish for my career.  I wanted the desired job in my career in top most company.  Padukas moved ahead towards me all over my body till my heart.  Feeling was awesome, I was again feeling to touch the padukas and experience the same... All this was happened in the mid of month of June 2007.

In July 2007, my friend called me up and informed me she got an offer from placement center to apply for a job in J.P. Morgan at Malad.  Since it is far from her place she recommended my name to the placement center and she said they may call you.  I appeared for an interview and got selected in J.P. Morgan.  I declared in my office and resigned, many people in the office told you are great you cleared the first interview in J.P. Morgan, they tried for more than 15 times and they never get in.  This was like a cake walk first time in my life, I knew it was because of Amma Bhagwan only.

In personal darshan I had requested Amma Bhagwan for my marriage with in the same year... As soon as I reached home I shared everything with my parents and told them how happy I am feeling.  I continued my moolmantra prayers.  I got the proposal from one of my Dad’s friend. We met on 1st Jan 2008... I got engaged on 20th Jan 2007 and married at 20th April 2007.  I became a strong believer of Amma Bhagwan.


Deekshas can also create miracles in your life, and you can get Deeksha Oneness Blessings online.


Share these miracles with friends:



Sri Bhagavan tells us--

"The miracles that Amma and I perform are merely a manifestation of compassion and love for you."




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